The Hearing Test Of Aiden

My son Aiden is mostly non-verbal with sporadic speech, meaning he says a few words a day but not all the time.  His Dr, and Psychologist suggested he do a hearing test by an Audiologist because of these issues.  I myself know he can hear because he has sound sensitivities and because he follows directions and knows what things mean when we say them. But I went along with to do the test, to make sure.  

My FIL and I picked my son up from school, and the teacher thought we were going to a parade for St. Patty's day and I told her no we're going for the hearing test. She said she was asking him if he's going to a parade all day so I think he thought he was going to a parade. (First issue LOL)

We get to the Dr's and he reluctantly got out of the car and my FIL waited for us in the car.  We go sign in at the office, and the waiting started. My son kept bringing me my jacket, then my purse, then his jacket repeatedly, in his way saying * Ma let's go! * Next he starts screaming and jumping trying to calm himself down, for a few minutes.  An older man in the waiting room was very nice and said "He's just being a kid, I have a cousin like him" So those nice words really helped me keep my cool, and I told him "Thank You so much it helps when people smile and not give dirty looks" I actually wanted to hug this guy. Aiden's behavior escalated to him banging on the door trying to get out. then I corralled him back to the waiting area where he rocked in a chair so much that the back of his head was hitting a wall. I got him to stop and he ran for the door, and actually opened the door and ran out towards the exit, luckily I caught up to him in time.  By that time, I told the desk clerk we can not wait much longer and she checked it would be one minute.  I said Thank you.  

Finally the Audiologist comes for us, and he's in this mad upset state, hitting his head and beat red from what just happened.  We get in the booth and they put him in a high chair type chair, with a tray.  I was really surprised he didn't mind the chair, but then he was rocking to calm himself down, and the bottom of the chair fell out, Then he did too. It was awful then funny at the same time.   One of those moments you either can laugh or cry. (After it was all over I totally laughed about it retelling the story) He did respond to the tester but the reinforcers (stuffed animals and singing) didn't attract him anyways, now if it was a TV show or something that might've worked, he doesn't like stuffed animals) So then a wire went loose from all this commotion and he was banging his head on the wall then the floor. they gave him toys and he was like Thank you I'll take them home now, he carried them and went for the door screaming, but I was able to keep him inside the booth.  At this point they decided they could not do the test, they didn't want him to get hurt.  They said we could go back and try again, I said no, we aren't coming back here. The same thing would happen, do whatever you are going to do today, if not that's it.  So she said she would tell the DR to recommend a hearing test they would put him under for, I said no I would not do that, she said I could talk to the DR about it. 

So then we left with him screaming, as soon as we got outside he was fine again. Like nothing happened. 

OMG!!! So that was it.  My mom said I should write a journal about it, so here you go LOL It was awful and funny and awful! 

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Aug. 7, 2012 at 9:08 PM

Holy Crap that sounds like a hell of a day! Good job keeping your cool ;)

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Nov. 9, 2012 at 9:03 PM

Wow. And people say we want our kids to have a label so we can get extra help being a parent. 

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Nov. 9, 2012 at 9:32 PM It was just awful luckily we haven't gone to the dr lately

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