During the day and usually every night once my bbys father gets off work he has sumthin to bitch about. I am a sahm and first time mom and yes he is first time dad. He works and the bills and watnot rely on him. I get that it must be crazy stress and whatnot but my god. I kno i am not the tidiest person in the world but im not that bad. sometimes yes it gets away from me especially having her. But sumtimes when i get her to sleep im so tired i need to lay down. That or i wanna relax a bit b4 she wakes bak up soon. And i get that the dishes r pretty much my fault and all but it pisses me off that im the sole person doing them. im not sayin the first thing he does upon gettin home or wakin up should be the dishes or w.e but damn. or that it shuld alwayas b him n i do nothing. thats not wat im sayin at all. But the first things to come out ur mouth when u get home aafter sayin hi to his daughter shuld not be bitching at me to keep shit cleaner. im so sorry that i am busy takin care of her. im the one who does. im practically doin it on my own. even when he gets home tho i kno i could have him take her unless she is hungry since im breastfeeding....but cuz he works i try to keep her as long as i can before i have got to lay down cuz he works n watnot or if he sleepin n i am gettin stressed i still keep her n let him sleeep cuz he works n i can go bak to sleep multiple times thruout the day if i choose to. and especially do not bitch at me on a night where im tellin u i dnt freakin feel good. like rlly. i kno im sure im acting like a child n this rlly isnt a big deal but im just so damned annoyed.

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