Final week of March!  No big events this week (unless you count having the kids home today for Teacher Workday - hope they don't fight with each other too much!) but plenty to keep me busy.  Thus the need for the ongoing and never-ending List.

-kids to school (no school - teacher work day)
-dishes/straighten up

-fold and put away laundry
-make menu/grocery list
-update blogs (craft w/ topiary, 365 - 2 wks)
-link up monogram wreath post
-arrange Coffee Break for tomorrow?
-clean out appliance cabinet and under sink
-UPS drying rack
-dinner prep

-kids to school
-ladies get together
-pick up Ty
-Kaitlyn home/homework
-dinner prep

-kids to school
-dishes/straighen up
-fertilize lawn
-pick up Ty,
-register Ty for Kindergarten
-Kaitlyn home/homework
-dinner prep

-kids to school
-straighten up/dishes
-update 365!
-start looking at craft fair info
-update binder
-pick up Ty
-Kaitlyn home/homework (double check and quiz her on spelling)
-dinner prep!  (crockpot at NOON - don't forget!)

-kids to school
-dishes/straighen up
-scrub bathrooms
-scrub kitchen sink
-pick up Ty
-dinner prep

Also need to do this week:
-deposit checks
-clip and org coupons
-update music for kids SD cards and my Ipod
-start Spring Cleaning
  -kitchen cabinets
  -light fixtures?
-pull weeds
-clip and org coupons
-put out Spring wreath
-update binder
-find mill for 4x4s
-link up monogram wreath post
-work on org/backing up photos!!!
-work on updating blogs (pers vacation, scrap/vacation, 365)
-new items on Etsy (spring theme!, new paper for preg countdown blocks, deployment countdown blocks)
-Etsy orders
-figure out how to do tutorials links pg for blog
-burn DVDs for Bon?
-find/buy new nightstands (purchased but on BO until April - call and check on status)
-pallet crafts (carving, crate, flower box, quote board)
-Be Mine craft? map hearts?
-Ty monogram wall?
-finish getting Easter gifts and stuff eggs
-egg shadowbox?

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