Today is autism awareness day, I have two children on the autism spectrum, Ethan 5 yrs and Jacob 1 yr. But today I couldn't help but think of the hidden hero amongst us all in the family, he is 3 yrs old with a dashing smile and beautiful golden locks. He always knows how to comfort in sticky situations when one of the other boys melts down or is having trouble, he jumps in the middle of the chaos and with one quick witted comment or lovible smile, the chaos ends and everyone goes on their happy merry way. He is so strong when the others are in the middle of therapy and he wants to join, he uses those super powers to hold back and just watch. He does not see disabilites only the love and joy that he gets from his brothers.  He has an amazing amount of patients, when he wants to play with the boys and they don't answer him, he pushes on until he pulls them in. He truely is a rock, he is the life of the party. He is Super Ryan and I share this day with him along with my other boys. Mommy love's you ryan Thanks for your strength. We must not forget about the siblings of children on the spectrum, they two have powers like no other.

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