*(copy/pasted from the journal that I have going in cafemom's journal cafe)*

Everyday's a challenge. You're spending hours in an open field sword against sword, barely making it sanity and all. And you're so worn that you mistakingly nod off the fact that you have people on your side, people that care about you and people that love you. There's so much guilt then that you fill the silence with assurance that you recognize their affection and their shoulder that they've so many times put out there for you to lean on. And now I lean on their shoulders, gladly. I love my husband and my children.

At least he's not suffering with a severe toothache (referring to my sweet husband). That was taking him down for a week or two, poor thing. He slept like a baby for two days straight after it was pulled. Can't blame him. Let's just face all this other stuff now.....we'll be fine. We've got this.



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