I have never felt so frustrated. This day was being anticipated, as I was anxious to finish the easter basket for our little ones. The people were like ocean tides rushing in. Rudely. And tried my best to remain at my husband's side. No matter how difficult this task became. However, I still made it. I feel like I survived cancer. It was just so ridiculous. But anyway.

So tomorrow's Easter (yay).

I feel closer to husband. We don't disagree so much. That seems to go inward on us. The disagreements aren't as frequent, however we still have to work on how in depth they get (the few things we say that are accidental and sometmes hurtful, or if one walks away and/or shuts off to her or him self, etc). it's a joyous time for us.

The only thing that eats at me now is writer's block. It's a disease. Like acid taking out your skin. I can't bare it. I have ideas but nothing to get me started. it's frustration with no end, it seems.


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