I was recently afforded an opportunity to try Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Dog Food, courtesy of those wonderful folks at Bzzagent.com.  The timing was perfect since I was already researching grain free food for my cat, Lucky, who was vomiting his regular food, well, regularly.  It got me thinking about the dog food I was feeding my lab, Bear, who is getting up in years and no doubt, his nutritional needs are changing.

This is Bear - enjoying his Ideal Balance

I was pleased with the overall ingredient list.  Much more real meat ingredients, and less fillers and meat-by-products than the food I currently by.  Bear loved it - he hasn't eaten his food so quickly and with such gusto in a long time.  On a scale of 1-10, I would have to rate this food at about an 8 nutritionally (and a 10 on taste, if Bear's reaction is any indication!).  Hill's products are pricey, but if you are concerned about the food your pet eats, the additional cost would be worth it.

But see for yourself.  Visit hillspet.com/idealbalance and check out the pet food comparison tool to compare your brand to Ideal Balance.  There's also a free bag rebate if you want to see if your dog thinks it's tail-waggin' good!

Wishing you, and your Rover, good health and happiness every day.

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