For all my LOVE of modern gadgets and computers and electronics, I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY telling my kids "Enough! Put it down and go out and play!!!"

Sadly funny huh?

We live in such an age of fast technological advancement that, of course, babies are born knowing how to use an ipad and toddlers blog, right?

But truth to that or not, technology brings the world together as much as it is tearing apart the family structure, according to some.

I mean, as I blog this, I have one on the wii, one on the itouch (sick in bed) and the other one, well, he WOULD be on something but he's in the shower at the moment (they haven't invented a waterproof ipad or kindle yet have they?)

Me I'll roll with it since I really do love the way we can stay in touch even when my kids are at park with friends or how I can skype with my brother on the other coast.

I love that my son's kindergarten teacher sends e-mails during the day with updates.

I love hanging in bed at night with my kindle( yeah, real romantic, I know!)

But I'll always incorporate as much NATURE time and beach walks as I can so we really do connect -with each other and with the earth.

But for now, someone is texting me from their bedroom, so I must run. Toodles !

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