My ex is nothing but a joke. From the time my babies were born, he was never really there with us. Yes, he had to work. But he was also laid off for 6 months every year, and even in those 6 months we rarely saw him. He always had to "help" so and so, or was fishing, hunting, etc. The girls were bottle fed, so there was no reason he couldn't feed them, but he didnt. Didn't change diapers, didn't give them baths, wouldn't read to them anything. We split up, he only sees them for a few hours one day a week. And even then, he pretty much dropped them off at his dads and "Grammy" did everything for them and with them.
My boyfriend enters the picture and joins us on going to movies, the park, out to eat, shopping etc. Daddy found out and all hell breaks loose. Him and his gf want the girls more. Fine, have them every other weekend and twice a week til bedtime. The girls would LOVE that!
My bf and I are trying to move out of the house we are in now this summer. I want to switch school districts, and towns because I grew up here. I don't like it. I think the school system sucks. Well we had found a house and the girls were excited and told their dad. All the sudden he wants to be able to keep them over night during the week and take them to school in the morning. Um excuse me, all summer you could've kept them over night and you NEVER wanted to if it wasn't your weekend. Now because I want to move somewhere that wouldn't make that possible, its something you want to do.
Well, the house plans fell through on the landlords side, so we are still in the same place. Last night my ex tells me that since I have had the girls every day/night of the week since they were born, its his turn now. So he wants them during the week, and me have them every other weekend and one night a week. I DONT FUCKING THINK SO!!!!! I have been there for them/with them since the day they were born. I have lost a job because I called off to be with them when they were sick, and even though their dad was OFF work that day, refused to take them.
Last week, my oldest got sick when she was with him - on his night to keep them overnight. What does he do? Call me to come get her because he "can't deal with this". Tonight, another night he was SUPPOSED to have them overnight, he calls me and says I need to come get them because he had a water main break and is going to stay at his dads, but the girls can't come.
When he first said he wanted more time, I offered for him to keep them Tuesday nights because I work late and that way they would be able to go to bed at their normal time and everything. But that is "inconvenient for his girlfriend because she doesn't work wednesdays and doesn't want to drive into the daycare just to get her Liv on the bus" I'm sorry, its INCONVIEANT?!?!

So he wants the girls more, but when something happens he doesn't want to deal with or his girlfriend finds inconvenient he has to call me to take care of it. And i'm supposed to be okay with this?! What a freaking joke!!!!

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