We went in sat morning at 8 am to get induced. At first they put the foli bulb/balloon in my cervix to open it along with a pill to thin it. It took a while for the balloon to fall out but once it did i was 3 centimeters. Im not sure of the time all i know is around 3:30 the contractions started coming closer and stronger. And i wasnt even on patocin yet! Anyways. Around 4:30-5 i couldnt take it any longer so i asked for a pain medicine. I cant remember the name but i think it was statenall. They said it was in the demeral family. Man that stuff felt GOOD. The last thing i rm=emember with it was laughing extremely hard. Apparently i was very funny at this point. And then i passed out. I hadnt been started on patocin yet but was later told it was started around 6. Around 7:30 i woke up with extreme cintractions and called the nurse in to ask for more meds. She wanted to check my cervix first so she did. Then she told me that i was ready to push. Mind you this happened with my first. I went to sleep at 4 cent and woke up at 10 and ready to push. Anyways. When she told me it was time to push i started crying. I wasnt exactly ready to deliver him quite yet. I was told this would prob be a long process since we were basically starting from 0. With my first i never felt the contractions and when to push. And usually when i had a contraction with daniel i would stop and breathe very slowly to help it pass. So they had to tell me every time i had one i needed to push. Well after a good 20 mins of pushing Daniel Alan was born at 8 pm. I told the nurses ahead of time i wanted him to be cleaned up and swaddled before i saw him. DH saw him cime out so he saw more of him than i did which doesnt bother me. They took him out and got me cleaned up . Thankfully since he was so small i didnt rip or tear. It was about 30-45 mins before they brought him back to me. He was the sweetest thing ive ever seen. And already he was sticking his tongue out at his mommy. He did have my nose and one eye was open. The nirses were very good to us and they even maade us a keepsake box with some pictures they took of him. Even though i never got to hear him cry or see him smile, it was all worth it. I know deep down inside i made the right decision and that he didnt suffer at all.

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