I am trying not to stress out but I am and I can;t help it. No one understands how stressful it is on me. My df is moving because of his job next month 10 hours away and I am not moving with him because I am waiting for my girls to come. Since my doctors are here plus now I am on bed rest and can't even pack. He leaving is the hardest thing the longest I have been away from him for the past 4 years was 8 weeks while he was a boot camp so 3-5 months not living with him is going to be hard. I just want him here and helping me but it is the best choice for me to stay here.

Plus everyone is worried because I am in the hospital so having 9 older sisters, mom. Is hard because they are all worried because I am in the hospital so it is even harder because they all call and it stresses me out more. They never can call each other unless I don't answer and they all seem to freak out and call me at the same time. It gets to me that they all call in an hour span and I am trying to rest so I don't have these girls early.

Now for my girls it is very difficult I have been in the hospital for 5 days because I had contractions Sunday and they admitted me to L&D. I was suppose to go home today but I had contractions again last night and this morning. I am worried that everything is not going to go well and that they will be born early and it is going to be so hard. I was born 3 months premature and was in the hospital almost 2 months it is hard. I know it was hard on my mom and I don't want my girls to be suffering like I did . I worry a lot about them and their health that is all I want is two healthy baby girls.

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