I am now selling ItWorks Wraps! I am so excited! This product is AMAZING!!!!! If you have some belly flab you just can't get rid of? We all know the baby belly is so hard to get rid of! This will help! Not only are these wraps for the belly, but you can use them anywhere that has that unwanted weight, such as the abdomen, back, sides, legs, arms, or buttocks. How about stretch marks? Then these are the wraps for you!
The wraps have a natural lotion on them that works by removing toxins from your fat cells. Pollution, processed foods, smoking all release toxins into our bodies and they are stored in our fat cells. The wraps remove the toxins, causing your fat cells to shrink and typically result in an inch loss on average of 1-3 inches. (I know people that have lost 5-7 inches in just a couple of wraps). The results typically last 2-6 months depending on your lifestyle. You can use them on your stomach, back, sides, legs, arms, anywhere you want to lose.
If you are interested in these, you can message me on here, or e-mail me at itworks.jessica.m@hotmail.com


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