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Someone challenged me the other day and asked why I would ever PAY to work when I was referencing the few minor requirements with the company I represent.  Unfortunately, I don't always think on the fly like that so I wasn't totally prepared with an answer at the time.  But here is my completely thought about reply.


Why would I pay $29 (or just $1.00 this month) to join a business?  An "administration fee" such as this is not unheard of in the world of business opportunities.  This fee they asked me to pay is a one-time fee.  I will never have to pay it again.  The way I look at it is the same as if I wanted to go shopping at Costco or Sam's Club.  A couple differences there, though.  With Costco and Sam's Club, I have to pay that membership fee over and over and over again every single year.  Neither Sam's Club nor Costco give me the opportunity to be a business owner.  The reason I chose to pay $1.00 to join this business was because I believed in the system.  I believed in the products.  I believe in the compensation plan.  And I believe in working a little harder now so I can take it easy later on down the road.   I also believed in their 100% guarantee. 


Secondly, my company asks that you go shopping and purchase 35 points worth of  products once a month from them rather than their competitors.  Well, you know what; I don't think that's such a bad requirement.  They don't ask me to pay a monthly membership fee.  I'm not charged for my back office, I don't have to buy catalogs or samples, and I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on startup kits or training classes.  They simply ask for me to shop and use THEIR products for my own personal use.  The best part about this requirement, and even the first requirement, is it's all tax deductible because they have cleverly made it all part of their business model.


Every day I hear commercials on television asking me to "tell my friends", or "bring my friends", or "don't forget to share" about some great sale or new product that is available.  I know that if I told everyone I know about that great sale or new product, I might make my friends happy with their savings but I will NEVER see a dime from McDonald's or Kohl's for getting my friends and family to shop there.  Tide will NEVER send me a commission check for telling my mom that Tide was on sale at Kroger.  I guarantee that Pepsi will never thank me with cash when I tell my daughter how good the new Pepsi One tastes.


My point is why not give back a little bit to the one company that is going to reward ME and reward YOU for sharing our experience about them with others?  This is the only company I know of that will actually PAY me for referring new customers.  And how can I refer new customers if I don't know a thing about the laundry detergent or shampoo or diet snack bars?  I can't, can I?  I can't tell someone how soft my hair is after using the conditioner if I never used it, right?  I can't know how well their stain-fighting products remove dog stains from my carpets if I don't use them, right?  This is not "new money".  This is redirected money.  Instead of spending my money at Walgreens or Kroger, I redirect it into my company.  Instead of buying Tide or Cascade or Pantene, I buy my company's better made, more cost-effective, eco-friendly products.  With their line of over 350 products, I don't think it's going to be too hard for me to get exactly what I need in any given month.  Again, all of the purchases I make are tax deductible and 100% guaranteed. 


I am extremely pleased with my decision to join this wonderful company and spend a little money on their requirements.  And as they reward me more and more for asking others to do the same, my decision becomes increasingly more satisfying. 

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May. 20, 2012 at 7:34 AM

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