I work from home with ViSalus Sciences - Body by Vi. I am completely Blown Away by the Compensation Plan, no hype, not exaggerating....I've tried many, many Direct Sales Opportunities and earned a little (hobby income)

I on my way to earning my BMW Car Bonus.....I can smell the new car, the leather....ahhhhh it smells & feels so good, I Super Excited!!!

The last company I was with....I was considered a top producer, I was even awarded Top Producer Trips - Las Vegas, Cancun/Cozumel where it was all expenses paid, treated like royalty. HOWever the income - or lack of .....SUCKED. I earn MORE with ViSalus in just 3 short months than I did with that former company where I was considered a top producer!!! Seriously 

I'm looking for other Moms, other women who maybe like me you've experienced some success but you've just not been able to reach the income you desired, the income you are worthy of. I'd love, love, love to show others just how incredibly awesome this company is. I love promoting The 90 Day Challenge, helping others get healthy, get fit, lose weight or just shape up. If you've in any way thought just for a second.....wow I'd like to earn serious money, or I'd like to have a new car and have it paid for by ViSalus.

I'd love to share with you their inverted car program (meaning they are different from other companies - they offer their car program at the front of their compensation plan).

Check out this 24 minute video:  http://www.overview.visalus.com

 Then get back with me and let me know what you like best about what you see! I'd love to help you on your way to your Car Bonus!!

Lenice Hubbard


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