Are you with a company that makes you feel like a number? Does your team build you up FIRST before talking about volume you are contributing? Do you know that YOU are amazing and a very important factor to the TEAM? You SHOULD!!

In my prev...
ious company personal development was 'mentioned' but not truly taught and I never dived in. The MOMENT I came to Visalus with Jennifer May(actually even before I joined) my Personal Journey was worked on FIRST. I learned the extreme importance to grow as a person and to realize my GREATNESS and I had my enroller/MENTOR lock arms with me on that journey.

I can confidently say that I am where I am because of the fact that our team is about each individual finding themselves and realizing their greatness as LEADERS. So excited and blessed for where I am and even MORE excited to help others find this amazing feeling!!
Christina Dennis

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