Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids before summer break.
I'm looking forward to the sprinklers, late night walks, otter pops, swimming at friends/family's houses, and movie days when its FAR too hot to be outside.
What I'm not looking forward to....
My kids managed to make friends with some pretty cool kids this year. I managed to make friends with some pretty cool parents too!
But some of the cool kids my little ones have made friends with, well, they have insane parents.
I seriously cannot stand 2 of the mothers who's houses my kids want to frequent.
They're both not only religious, but they're bible thumpers. Religion and God are okay by me, but when you're "oh so holy" that you've become socially akward due to some fear of sinfulness rubbing off on you so you don't interact with the outside world, that's where I become irritated.
Oh, and add helicopter parent AND host on top of that?
It becomes a house that I wish I could run from before I even knock on the door.
But, my kids of course, can't stand to lose touch with their little friends.
So, summer time. The time for ice cream and schedueling as many playdates in PUBLIC PARKS, so I can leave whenever I'm ready, without giving slight to smeones hospitality.

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