Its pretty typical in my house to share chores and childcare between my SO and myself. Lately though, he has started slacking. Not much. Just things like skipping dishes for one night, or not taking out the trash. Normally I don't mind. Lately though, picking up his little bit of slack, has given me a BAD case of "don't want to" where my chores are concerned.
I normally enjoy cleaning, cooking, and organizing. Its my own form of stress relief, and gives me time inside my own head, to sort out the daily stress and whatnot. Not wanting to do my chores, hs put me in a funk. By the time I've picked up his slack, and tended to 4 kids, I'm too worn down to want to do my favorite chores. Not only is it making for a messier house all around, but a moe depressed mommy too. I have now started to skip my walks, my workouts, and eat less healthy food. Its no pinche bueno :(

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