This weekend I planned a bbq for my SO, my exhusband, my dad, my FIL, and some extended family. A few people couldn't make it, but we're still going to have a 14person group over today! This is when I'm in my element. I love to cook, I love to bake, and I love having company.
I started cooking around 10pm last night. I was too excited thinking about everyone coming over, and couldn't sleep, so why not get some cooking done early?

On the menu for today:
2 kinds of pork pot roast for pulled pork sandwiches
Grilled lime chicken
3bean chili
Grilled seasoned potatoe wedges
Salad *of course, gotta have a salad*
Root beer cupcakes *thank you to TheStir for the recipe*
Banana pudding

I also made a watermelon juice drink with lemonade and mint for the kids, though I can't remember what the name of it is
*thank you again to TheStir*
A pitcher of pomegranite mojitos
Sweet tea
And the FIL will bring some beer I'm sure.

After being up cooking & prepping & baking till 1 am, I was still up at 7, making sme icing for cupcakes, putting meat in croc pots, and marinating chicken.
All the food prep is done! I'm quite proud of the progress made in a pretty short amount of time.

Can't wait for everyone to get here!

Happy Fathers Day to all the FATHERS in my life! Especially to my loving, doting, energetic, caring SO, Brandon, who took on a ready made family with me, and has become a fantastic father to our son, and the perfect step-father to my other 3.
Also, to the father of my 3 oldest children, my ex-husband. Things may have not worked out with us, but he is an excellent father, and deserves all praise that comes his way tday.

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