Its hot. It was over 108 yesterday, and right at 100 today. We spent half the weekend swimming, and I don't feel like going swimming again today, even though I know I'll feel better afterwards.
I hate the heat.
I know that Brandon's vacation is coming up in 7 days, and I'm thinking we'll get to go to the beach at some point durring it. I also know his vacation time will make me very happy, because we'll get to do our favorite activity together, every day if we want. Home improvement projects. We love working as a team.
Plus, my 3 oldest will be at their dad's all week. So I will have less stress as well.

Does that make me feel any better right now? Hell no it doesn't! I'm sticky, tired, run down, and cranky as a cat in a sack.
Screw Bakersfield summers! I hate them! 30 years in this god-forsaken place, and I still havent acclimated to it.

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