I've been wanting a crop denim jacket for months now. Since you guys know that I'm cheap thrifty, I got to work creating my own from two jackets I got for $3.99 each at Goodwill. So, I was able to create two cropped denim jackets for under ten dollars. I have a lighter weight one for spring/summer and one heavier one for fall/winter. Let's get to it!!

 The original had embroidering, so I cropped that part out.

That way it could match more of my clothing.

I folded it to where I wanted, then pinned and began sewing 

I also removed the ribbon, so it could match more of my clothing.

(I saved it for later projects)

 All done, my new light weight crop denim jacket!!!

I was inspired to create a heavier one using the same method.

(sorry for the blurry pic)

Whoo hoo, I got one for all seasons!!!

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