*Someone who denies/minimizes and dismisses hate crimes against non black people.

*Those who proclaim "racist!" if you use skin color as a descriptor.

*Those who minimize black on black crime with reasons such as "poverty and oppression".

*Those who insist a nonblack person "understand" and just "listen" while simultaneously dismissing ALL examples of racism coming from black people.

*Someone who perpetually feeds into the idea that black people are so very oppressed here in America.

*Those who turn a blind eye to stories, both press and personal, where the racist person is black.

*Those who deny we have, inherent, cultural and biological differences.

*Those who believe in a "colorblind" society.

*Those who want to attack the messenger for stating ANYTHING that is not glowingly positive about black people.

*Those who scream "racist!" when someone mentions something negative going on within African American communities.

*Those who have ZERO issue with positive stereotypes; yes, positive stereotypes exist! lol If it is positive, we want to own it, if it is negative, we are nothing like it. Those who cannot see this basic, rudimentary human tendency, might be a race martyr.

*Anyone who believes black people are just reactionary; meaning, anyone who subscribes to the notion that "black people never start anything, they just finish it." (yes, I have heard that, and it is nucking futs.)

That's it for now, this is a rough draft. I will be happy to add to it as time moves on.

This is for some women who keep asking what I mean by the term "race martyr".


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