People no longer place their trust in the advertising of large corporations - they lean towards and value the opinions of others! 

Do YOU Find Yourself Spending Time on Social Sites?


Why not Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Money? 

ViSalus has an OUTSTANDING reputation, a product line that is Proven To Work, Progressive and Truly Forward Thinking Leadership. A LUCRATIVE and Proven Compensation Plan, and Billion Dollar financial backing through partner BLYTH Inc. (BTH - NYSE)

No Inventory to Purchase & You Can Work From Home!

Join our team of friendly like minded (mostly) women - who all have a common goal - Helping Each Other Succeed! We have a FB Group to help encourage & support each other along this journey.

Are You Ready to Succeed? 

Take a few minutes to watch the very informative video on the site - then give me a call 863-227-2634 Today - Let's Lock Arms and Run Toward FREEDOM!

ave a Happy Day!

Lenice Hubbard 


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