I've been one of those people who have done so many things from home and businesses searching for something that actually works that when I finally found one that did, I got a lot of "another one?". My mom and husband were against it. In fact, I signed up against my husband's wishes. However, I knew what I wanted and what I needed to do. I used them as my motivation and now, I am considered a success story from home. I am in a position that people strive for.

So what's the purpose of me telling you all of that? Simple. I didn't let people drag me down. I used it as motivation to work harder to prove them wrong. Where would I be had I listened to them? I needed to do what was right for me. Not all home businesses work or jobs for that matter but you need to listen to yourself. I always tell people, Positivity grows a business, negativity tears it down. Are you letting the negativity get to you? It's proven that more people will try to bring you down than build you up. It's not that they mean to but we've all been raised hearing about "one of those pyramid things". They believe that only a select few will actually make money. Well the truth of it is that most people with home businesses in Network Marketing or Direct Sales report a positive in income rather than a negative. Start researching facts. When you have facts on your side, you can push aside people's assumptions of how things work and focus on what you want to do without them dragging you down.

Are you yourself filled with negativity? Well, simple fix. Post up a bright colored post it note with something that says, "excuses are not allowed" or "negativity has no home here". Everytime you make an excuse or a negative thought crosses your mind, look at the post it notes and brush it aside.

Every person has the ability to be successful in home businesses. Although the choice in business is very important, the only person holding you back from your dreams is you. It's you who listens or choses not to listen. It's you who decides when to speak or not speak. Grow yourself, and your business will grow.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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