This is the time of year when I really start to get stressed out.  I feel like I am dangling at the very top of a very steep roller coaster hill.  Within seconds the car I am sitting in is going to let loose and I’ll be sailing down that hill with no chance of stopping.

It’s about this time when I am faced with all the expensive celebrations that occur between now and the end of the year.  For my family – that means my mom’s birthday, my birthday, Halloween, my two sons’ birthdays, Thanksgiving, my daughter’s birthday, and of course Christmas.  My daughter’s birthday is in December – she is going to be 16 this year – and she is already planning a huge birthday bash. 

Where in the world is all this money coming from??  This is on top of the mortgage payment, car payments, insurance, electric, internet, and all the other usual monthly expenses.  Can you see why I get stressed out?

Yes, I know I could choose to NOT celebrate.  I could also choose NOT to give such “nice” gifts or agree to my daughter’s crazy party.  But, truth is, I enjoy giving.  I enjoy the look on everyone’s faces when they open their presents, when they enjoy the good, special food I prepared, or when we do rare family outings like seeing a movie AT the movie theater because it was part of someone’s birthday present.  These are enjoyable things.  These are the moments that make everyone smile.

It is for this reason I spend hours upon hours scouring the internet for work at home opportunities, why I find new ways to compose advertisements, and why I spend so much of my precious time posting ads on internet classified sites.  I do all this because I know I see results.  I know I see that money growing in my Paypal account and I know I able to help other moms and dads relieve some of their stress with theupcoming holidays.

I strive to find FREE and low-cost ways that anyone can do at home and make some extra cash. Come and see all the great ways you can ease some of the sting at my site; .

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