Guardian Angel

“Do you know what today is?” God asked the child with silvery pink wings.

“It should've been your birthday, celebrating the joy that new life brings”

“So why did you take me God?” the angel child cried

“Because I needed someone special.” God Almighty replied

“But what of my family down on Earth how must they feel today?”

God took the angel's hand and gently led her away.

“Look down there” he said “and you will see how they cope now you are with me”

Underneath the angel were clouds of pure white snow

And as she peeped through the clouds into the blue below

The angel cried out in disbelief

As she saw her mother consumed by grief

the startled child backed away “Why have you shown me this?” she screamed

And down her face a single tear streamed

“You need to know how much you are missed” God explained

“But you have another job to do”

“You must take care of your family instead of them taking care of you.”

The angel child was silent and looked a little forlorn

“But how can I take care of them when I was never born?”

God took the little angel face in his hands and said “You need not live on Earth to look after those that matter to you. You are very special and one of my chosen few. While your passage to heaven was a loss so hard to bear you are ALWAYS with your family and can show them how much you care.”

God looked deep into the child's eyes

He said “I have something special for you, one last surprise. You must make one last journey before you begin your life with me.”

God whispered advice to the child, who nodded as if to agree

On the evening of the very same day

A candle was lit and a grief washed away

On that night we felt your presence was near

and we knew then that you'll always be here

For God gave you wings so you could fly

And you used them to come home, to say goodbye

I know now why you went, I know you didn't die

I know why God chose my baby to live up in the sky

You are watching us every day

You'll take care of us in a very special way

I felt you with me for a short while and for that I'm thankful

As now I have my Guardian Angel.

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