I am completely, 100% aware that there are many, many different kinds of parents & families in the world. That's what makes the world go round.
Most of the time, I couldn't give less of a shit how someone parents their kids, as long as the kid is safe, secure, loved, nourished, and cared for on a regular basis.
But there are some personality conflicts and actions that I can't get past when choosing personal friends to hang out with, and have in my home.
1. If you stink, go away. Period. I can't stand someone that smells like the south end of a north-bound rhino. Just, no.
2. Coming into my home, and bossing me around. I don't mean trying to be helpful, or make suggestions. But to flat out say I'm making a bed "wrong" or that I shouldn't let my kids wear shoes in MY house? Doesn't fly with me.
3. Inviting your friends/family to my house, without asking me first? You'll all be asked to leave.
4. If you're one of those people that can't have a good time unless you've been drinking, please don't even come over. We can have a drink sometimes, but I'm not going to let habitual drunks around my kids. Its not something they should view as normal.
5. Bible thumpers. Nope. If I want to be preached to, I'll go to church.

I'm easy to get along with most of the time. But lately I seem to be meeting people that fit one, or more of these things, then I have to sever ties with them. The few I have decided to keep as friends *and who I am very grateful to have love me back* are from all walks of life, all income & age levels, and all personality types.
We understand eachother, and have a great time because of our differences.
I don't want 50 little Renee clones as friends. But I do want friends who shower, stay sober, are secure with themselves, and are fun to be around.

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