My s/o got laid of from his fantastic job about 2 weeks ago. 10 days after layoff, the company called him back to resume work. The catch was that the available work is 2.5 hrs away, in Long Beach, CA.

Okay, we decied that he could take my car, and I'll keep his truck while he's out of town. Mine is cheaper on gas.

Then, we decided that since he's also required to be in school, that he would opt for the over the phone learning until he renews his liscence. Fine.

So, here we are, on day 4 of him working/ drving for 13 hours a day, and going to school 3 hours, twice a week....

I'm already sick of it.

The man busts his ass at work, has a fantastic work ethic, makes great money. He's a good guy, and he's very dedicated to our family.

But he's not here. I'm stuck driving the kids around in a huge dodge ram, that is the biggest piece of crap truck. Its an oilfield truck... it smells, the seats are torn, the tires are bald, the roters are warped.

I opted to walk my kids to school, instead of drive them on the days where my 4yr old doesn't have pre-school. I have to drive then, its too far away.

He's gone 13-16 hours a day, and HAS to be in bed no later than 10, preferrably 9pm, so he can be up at 3am. That means that all the "man" chores that he normally does, I have to do, so he can come home and sleep.

I'm helping the kids with their homework, doing all the laundry, all the cooking, all the dishes, trash, cleanup, mild yard work... that may sound like typical SAHM stuff, but before this, we had a partnership. I cooked, he washed dishes. I did laundry, he put his away. Etc..

I also used to have someone to talk to before bed, that had something to talk about other than work 7 school. To read next to. To stay up and look at stars when we weren't tired.

I'm not ungrateful to have someone who works so hard. I'm not angry at him, at all. I don't blame him. I know, its only been 4 days. Rationally I know I'm just adjusting to a change in our life, and that it will be settled soon.

My brain doesn't want to be rational right now.

My brain is lonely, and missing having a partner, and an adult that has been by my side for 4 years to talk to, and share my day with.

I also know, that the out of town job won't last long. He'll be back in town and back to the normal routine in PROBABLY 7 weeks.

It doesn't stop me from being upset now though.

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