Original info. How I do Sock Bun’s to get the best Curls -

So, I took a few more pics of when a sock bun is in and what it looks like if I just put it and leave it overnight (no products). I did everything to make my hair work against me, and then made it curl anyways... There are a few steps to make the curls work if you have stubborn hair that doesn't like to hold curl, skip the blowdrying and products, don't let your hair dry 100% or a combo of all of those things....

<My sock bun.

I used a mid calf length dress sock and then wrapped the fabric from a leg of one of my sons sleepy pants (made them into shorts) because it had a tighter and less abrasive knit. When you pick a sock keep the material in mind. Think smooth Satin/silk = GOOD; scratchy/snaggly Wool = BAD. The bigger the roll, the bigger your curls will be. If you have shorter hair (above bra Strap length), go with a smaller sock.

Blow dried for about 5 mins on warm at the roots (as to not sleep on a wet pillow all night...) I used a loose scrunchie to gather it up. No products then I rolled my hair and put in a few bobby pins. This is after a full nights sleep.

I did a hair mask the night before which is a big no-no if you want to get really good well defined curls. Extra moisture - for fine hair especially - means your hair will not want to hold any kind of curl memory. It will just want to go wavy or even straight. When I want my hair to look extra nice, I don't even use conditioner before I do a sock bun.

My hair didn't completely dry. When your hair comes out damp, it didn't have enough time to make the curls 'set' and form memory. The middle of your hair and top (where the sock bun sat all night) will be your problem areas. If you see that the ends started to curl, you will know that your hair just didn't have enough drying time. BUT, you can still make this work.

Take sections of your hair and twist them to help the curls form. When you do this, try twisting one way and then the other (clockwise/counter clockwise). Your hair will only form spral curls in one direction. Twist 3 or four times and then move your finger down your hair keeping hold all the way to the ends.

Do this to all of your hair. I take fairly large sections, so it doesn't take too long.

Now do not touch it for a few Min's or until is is completely dry. Use some hairspray if you want (Tresemme's Finishing Spray is pretty wonderful. Especially if you have fine hair). After it drys you can separate the curls.

End result. I didn't use any hairspray and the curl lasted for most of the day. The back section (extra damp problem area) started to loosen before the front after about 6 hours, but held the loose wave into the night. The front looked good the whole time. My hair normally falls flat within 20-30 Min's of curling it with a curling iron.

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