I just wanted to tell everyone about an ebook club I joined. It's called Penny Matrix, but don't let the name confuse you!  "Penny" cuz it costs only pennies a day...literally it's only $7 a month. "Matrix" meaning as you refer friends to the club, they add them to your group/matrix. 

It's really cool...I downloaded a recipe book yesterday that sells for $29 on other sites ("Cat Head Biscuits and Garlic Fried Chicken" Carolina Mountain Cooking . Costs me nothing. Included with my membership! 

PLUS...this parts REALLY COOL! Once you start referring people to the club, the PAY YOU...so you could even earn a little extra money on the side with the book club! 

Go to my link and join:) If you don't like it, you can always cancel. http://www.pennymatrix.com/loridori4

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