Ever have one of those days when you think you will pull out all your hair? And the Funny thing is, you haven't even had your coffee yet? 

You know what  I am talking about if you have a teenage daughter living in your house. You can go from giggling to a complete meltdown in 0 to 5 seconds, and that is just over a bad hair day!!!

Lord, help you if it is a life and death situation like the Prom. For all of you that have raised children or are in the middle of the "teen" years now, you know what I am talking about. 

After raising two sons, I have found out that my daughter is a different story so that is why I have made a simple list below so that I can maybe help you through the next few years...safely...(lol)

    • Give your daughter her space. Let her have the time to deal with her feelings. Don't get upset if she doesn't want to talk about it.
    • When you do give her advice, ask her questions, in response to what she just said, that way you are letting her figure things out for herself.
    • Be there for her in other ways, such as bake her favorite cookies or leave a note in her laundry that says I love you even when i don't understand you.
    • And if she still wants to "blow up" and create drama for the whole house, walk away from it. Unless she is going to hurt herself or someone else. Remind yourself that she needs an audience to have any success with it.

Have a great day!!!


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