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***Also when signing up for Solavei with Path To Success Network for $20 you have UNLIMITED ACCESS To Incentive vacation vouchers to use with any business you promote**

                                 This is just for informational purposes only.

A friend put this together and I like how it presents the company. Great overview.

$49/Month   Unlimited Everything   No Contract   No Credit Check   Holiday Promotion***

1rst month Free  Sim Card Free  2nd month can be Free too contact for details www.solavei.com/daryahna  This company has truly been a blessing in my life with it's Generous Compensation Plan.


                                                              Other Opportunities

1. Global One www.millioncreator.com/davena
 This is a truly awesome company with a lot to offer. Ranks 913 in the entire world on most visited site. Sign up for Free and learn more about the company. 

 2. Partner With Paul Instructions: Follow exactly (scam claims are for the system not for this)

                                              !!!DO NOT PURCHASE THE SYSTEM !!!!


                                                 *****   FREE FREE FREE *****

OK this is how the 100% FREE money thing works.

 Step 1 Create A Dummy Email Account

Step 2 click the LINK

Step 3 Enter name and dummy email and create a password

Step 4 click show me the website and your ready

Step 5 SCROLL all the way to the bottom where it says Affiliates and click on it. Fill out the form to become a FREE affiliate


 You make 2.50 for every person who does that for FREE

Place in traffic sites Twitter or anywhere else. (FB you may need a short code) and watch your money grow without doing Anything. It's Incredible.

3. Penny Matrix (Something fun to see if it works all you need is 2 referrals)  LINK
$7 Startup

4. Bidxcel Link
I make $500 per week from this one just from my team. I don't do anything with it anymore.

5. Free Treasure Chest (referral business overview http://dailybreadgivers.com/ )
 Pays pretty well if you put the work in

 $20    1 Credit   Pearl  LINK  

 $30    2 Offers   Ebony  LINK                                                             

 $100  1 Credit   Platinum  LINK

 ICP  (Tool to promote any business)
 ICP Micro   markets up to 2 businesses on autopilot   LINK
 FULL ICP Program  markets up to 5 businesses on autopilot  LINK

 8. Plus getting into the business of using your computer all the time its good to back up              your files. For $4.99 a month I use  MyPcBackup and all my stuff is protected. After you sign up I will show you how to make this company really work for you in more ways than just protecting your PC  LINK

 We At Path To Success Beleive In The Power Of Multiple Stream Incomes Join 1 Or Join All Of These Opportunities As Long As You Can Handle It and Feel You Can Be Successful At It. We Support each Other And Help One Another To Succeed. You Will Have Free Tools And More Support Than You Can Imagine.

Once You Become A Team Member Your Business Will be Evaluated On Level Of Success And Then If Qualified It Will Be Added To the List !!

If you are not interested in becoming a path to success team member and none of these great businesses interest you I wish you much success in your journey into working from home. Best of Luck and God Bless.

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