Well recently on Oct. 29th I was laid off from my job of 5 years. It was a great shock to me as I was meeting company expectations and never was in trouble before, but business got slow so they let me go as I was working remotely from Dallas, tX and they are based out of another state. Well I had just returned to work from maternity leave so I depleted all savings I had was very broke, the last paycheck I got from them i used the entire check to pay my rent. I applied for unemployment and hoped to begin receiving it soon. I looked at it as a blessing in disguise as I was very unhappy working there for several years, I felt like I HAD to keep working there as I cannot afford to look for another job at the same time working there, I would never have time to go to interviews without having to miss a day of work, nor did I want to give my 2 weeks notice and quit without having a new job. So I stayed, stayed around, was so tired of working there but had to keep on. I just felt stuck, back in April it was supposed to be my annual evaluation and raise, well it never happened so I havent received a raise in 2 and 1/2 years.. since I work from home there was no way for me to ever advance and move up in the company because of my status, and when ever there were new procedures or special meetings they would sometimes forget about me and I would not be updated or called in for the meetings via phone. Then it gets slow and they lay me off!? I knew it happened for a reason, after a while I was excited that I was released, i figured I would be getting unemployment checks to stay afloat while I looked for a really great job here in Dallas local to me. So I have been looking, so far no interviews or offers yet, but today after I got home from my local workforce commission I got a call from my old job, they called to see If I was interested as a position opened up doing kind of the same thing I was already doing, but in a different department. Well, I was in shock, I thought of it like (how dare you let me go, knowing Im a single Mom and just had a baby, this close to the holidays) immediately log me out of the system the day you fired me thinking I might go crazy and do something to your company, make me ship back my laptop and phone right away for you to just call me back 2 weeks later to say "nevermind, we have a position for you". I have made it through their rounds off layoffs throughout the years, I gets very busy, then it gets really slow so they fire people, but usually senior people like me do not get let go, so this time of course I was shocked that I made the cut. I declined the offer to me. After I hung up I thought to myself, "what did you just do? they will for sure decline my unemployment checks for sure now since I turned down a suitable position" and I'm double screwed because I turned A job down. I am so broke right now, I honestly do not know how I am going to make ends meet this month, but I am just so unhappy working with them. They are not a very honest company, nor do they treat people fairly, as soon as you google their name, the 1st website pulls up the company site, then all others pull up rip-off report and a whole bunch of scam websites, they have screwed over that many people in the past who have worked for them on a sub-contractor basis. I was tired of feeling so bad for the contract workers to who call in telling me how they have not been paid for services and what is going on there.. etc. It was such a relief of my chest since I am not working there anymore, I feel like I was set free. So now I am scrambling to find a job anywhere, retail stores, resturaunts, temp work.. just to get something asap, I KNOW now I cannot fall back on unemployment to keep me going. But I wonder, did I make a huge mistake in rejecting back their job offer?! I am so confused. .. time to go and apply for more jobs online now..

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