my Mother is a Snowbird  so  she , came up with, the concept of   Xmas at Thanksgiving  so, we basicay skip Thanksgiving  and  we have Xmas instead.   Tomas got alot of  Super Hero stuff which, was cool;. So then we  headed over to McDonads for soem real food she orders from the this really terrible resturant....

We went went grocery shopping  nobody there and then deicded hey spur of the moment to  go to Toys R us and go to  the sale it was very very ordery with, a pile of  cops and dogs brought my kid even.  No big  sa;le deals and it was not bad. Same prices at the Grocery store.


Black Friday we decided to not go  period was notthat, impressed with, the sales even online.

We did go Saturday to the Mall Lines was great barely anybody at the Mall I got a message on my back it hurt reay bad.... Worth the money :)

Sunday Worked on ights had  left overs  and  Dropped a Hurt Cat at the Humane society....

Tried ot give it back to me  I told them no thanks...


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