I hope this reading finds you happy and healthy.  I also appreciate your patience.  When I connect with you,  I feel the sadness of you losing your child. I feel you somehow feel it was your fault, and it has really created self doubt and decreased self esteem.  I feel although you already have 4 children you are destined to have more.  I feel you have patience and do know in time you will conceive another child.  I feel as though time has been standing still for you feeling kind of stagnant.

As far as fertility I feel your ovaries are healthy and functioning.  I feel your FSH level and estrogen levels are normal.  I feel you have fairly normal cycles.  I also feel your tubes are open and clear. I feel there is an issue with your uterine lining.  I feel your progesterone level may be low at times.  I suggest taking a B6 vitamin in addition to your pre natal.  I also feel you need extra iron and extra folic acid. 

I see December of 2012 as the month to conceive or find out.  I see a girl.  This little girl will be very, smart and outgoing.  I feel as a young child though she will be a bit shy.  I feel she will enjoy outdoor activities especially swimming.  I feel she will have some issues with food allergies and seasonal allergies.  I feel you will deal with this when she is about 2 years of age.  I feel this will contribute to her shyness a bit because she will be home a lot due to not feeling well.  I feel by the age of 3 they will have a handle on it.  I feel she will begin preschool and thrive.  I feel she will become very social.  I feel she will make a ton of friends and will really come out of her shell.  I feel by the time grade school starts she will adjust easily and will be well liked by the teachers, coming from a big family will help that too.  I feel she will always be on the honor roll and will be involved in school activities.  I feel in high school she will have a steady boyfriend and will join many school activities.  I feel she will go onto college and earn a degree in physical therapy or nursing.  I see her working with children.  I feel she will be very successful.  I see her marrying in her mid 20's and having 3 children.

Good Luck!!


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