Have you heard the news?  Instagram's new TOS give them the right to distribute and/or sell any of your public photos!  Because of this I and a lot of my Facebook friends will be deleting our accounts before January 16th, when the new Terms go into effect.

I'm really not too bummed about it.  I've only been using Instagram because my friends use it, not because I particularly like it.  I've been using PicsArt for a while now, though, because I think the photo editing is FAR superior.  All of the photos in this post are things I've quickly and easily done with PicsArt right on my phone.  Some of them I've shared with Facebook, some not.

Here's my current FB cover picture.

This is the first thing I ever dd on PicsArt.  It may not be a great example of quality art or photography, but I think it illustrates that if you can think it, you can create it!

Here's some thing I posted to my mom's FB page, just to let her know I was thinking of her.

And here I used pictures of Matt's birthday card to Daddy to make him an Ecard. SO... now that you see how much awesomer Picsart is over Instagram, I expect you all to be making the switch. You can find it in the Google Play Store, and yes, it's free!  As you can see, they have a ton more FX and goodies to play around with than Instagram, and you can still share instantly to FB and other websites.  And you can still tag photos and follow all of your friends.   So go check it out!  And if you do, look me up, my username is NicoleH907 :)

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