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I should!

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For some, January is just time to hang a new calender. For others , it's like a wiped clean chalkboard
( or should I say smartboard to be more 2012?) that is ready to be colored in with all new experiences, dreams and goals.

Years ago we only knew about our own New Year's resolutions, maybe our best friend's or sometime an aquaintance at a party who had a bit too much of the bubbly. 

But now with Facebook and Twitter, we can read what everyone plans and hopefully, rather than feel like a fly on the (FB) wall, we can be inspiredby others to fully commit  to making our lives better than ever in the upcoming year , not just for ourselves but for our comminties and our Earth.

Anyway, whatever the time of year, I do always make lists of goals and dreams and changes that I plan on doing.

So, since it's 2013, why not commit to 13 new things you can do this year to be a better you, to live more passionaately and to break out of any old, and maybe not-so-wonderful habits?

Some ideas:

Once a month, volunteer your time.

Donate monthly.

Set the timer and spend less time on FB and more time WORKING to bring in income that can help you live the life you dream of.

Plan that vacation you keep putting off. Book it. We never regret vacations, only NOT going on them.

List 3 things you think are bad habits and one-by-one stop them.
(Remember that things will be as you say they are-easy or difficult-it's all your choice and your mindset).

Start a home business. You never know how much it can change your life in a year or 2.

Vow each day to smile at a stranger or hold a door. Slow down.

Start journaling. A gratitude journal can work wonders on your attitude. I'm addicted to writing in mine!

Start a new hobby-one you used to do, or only have dreamed of. There is no time like NOW

Speak in a kinder voice.

Help a neighbor by bringing in their trash can, or dropping off some fresh baked bread.

Organize closets, photo albums, storage areas you've been meaning to get to. ( It feels so good to do this!)

Get those books you've been meaning to read. Read a new one each month, minimum!

Spend more time doing nothing. Research shows we need 15 minutes a day, at least, of quiet time or meditation.

Start practicing yoga. See some of the benefits of yoga.

Visit with elderly relatives more often :-)

Spend less time on TV ( say 30 minutes-60 minutes a day max) and more time outside.

Take up hiking or at least walking 2 miles 3 times a week.

Buy at least 50% of your foods organic.

Spend a solid hour just talking to your spouse and your kids. Or an hour each. No iphones, or distractions, just connecting. Do it daily, it's the best THERAPY!

Get a new pet! There's always room for more LOVE in the house, no?

Vow each week to try 1 new food. Or 2.

Skip the pedicures or manicures and do it yourself. Put that $15-$20 + a month away. At the end of the year, splurge on something.

Send thinking- of- you cards once a week, to family, friends and whomever you think needs a smile.

Release and forgive yourself for anything that is dwelling in your mind. Let it go by writing it and burning it in a fire . Time to move on.

Have a fabulous New Year!



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