2012 was an AWESOME year for me!!

I started out 2012 broke, overweight & not looking at this year being any different. It was mid Feb & I was done with every MLM I was in & was ready to start on my weightloss goals. I posted on Facebook asking what the best weight loss product was out on the market. I got about 20 replies & I looked through them all & decided to go with the cheapest one to try out. I got a 7pk mailed to me & started them at the end of Feb & had lost 4lbs during that last week!! Since they worked I went ahead & joined the company. I was only going to take the pills & not sell them. About a month after taking them I posted this pic on my facebook page

Nothing major, but you can tell there is some loss there. I got a ton of replies to these pics & people started asking me where they could get these pills! So I decided to try working this as a business. I started selling trial packs & still was losing weight. Fast forward to the end of 2012 & I am so very happy! I was able to buy Christmas presents with the money made from my business & I lost alot of weight!!

I ended up opening up a seperate bank account to be able to keep up with the money I was making.

So my 2013 goals are to work out like I know I should be doing!! I still have a few more pounds to go, but even as I reach my goals I will still be telling anyone I can about this AMAZING weight loss tool!!!

So now if you are interested in trying this awesome tool too, message me!!!

Here's a one of my sites www.myacejourney.com to see what I have done!

My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/skywatcher1973 Come visit me!!!

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