Since we have no family  around us  anymore except his snowbird parent's  we decided   to go on a road trip...   We went to  The Mountains   Smokey mountain's...   Gaitlenburg Pigeon forge  and Dollywood. Dollywood was not all that impressed....    But I was impressed by all the elderly people she hired she  so does not age discriminate I found very impressive.

Food was terrible  way passed overpriced  and  the rides were incocnstantly open but she charged full priced for the place good thing hubby got our half  off :) 

The  train rides was really nice  and view was cool!  The roller coasters were okay... Iam just use to Cedar Point standards! 

The lights was really nice though.... Shops cute but overpriced as  the usual them parks

We hung out atthe Mountain  We did the lift  it was fun thoguh they ran it in the rain... We got   really wet but , it was still cool :)

Then we  to the Ripley's  Aquarium it was , really cool and you can spend a ton fo time there  worth the money tohugh a bit expensive.

We went ot a ton of shops and such and did alot of  stuff.  I was way past to  tired ot do the Ghost hunt good thing I did not pay for it I could not make it up  the Mountain again.  

We  had a good wet cold time but it was still fun :) Spending  time with my son was   and Husband was the real treat!










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