I got married in oct,it was so wonderful.I love my husband very much.and we moved into this house and the kids and jessie just love it.now I seriously need to find a job.unemployment called me in dec.told me wal-mart denied me and so i don't qualify for unemployment I need to make 1,070 dollars to qualify.wow .my daughter who took this guy back who everyone knows he sleeps with other guys for money,anyway she got pregnant by him and the baby wasn't due till jan.13th but she came jan.1st.she had the cord around her neck and she had a fever and her white cell count was high.I want gordon out of my house but we have been leaving it up to autumn and he cries like a baby and he controls her today he was telling her what to wear thats why I am not at home .anyway my granddaughter will be home tomorrow from the hospital and then I am going to find a job because autumn don't want my help she calls me a joke and says I am worthless cause I dont have any money coming in.believe me I feel it too.

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