Many people post asking about healthy recipes and what kinds of foods are healthy, so I wanted to compile a list, and keep it simple.  Here goes! Website for a magazine chock full of recipes that rock.  Great recipes on the site, as well as meal plans. Sister magazine to Clean Eating, focuses on exercise, primarily weight training.  Great resource! USDA's website with fantastic info about how much of each food to eat, food labels, etc.  Formerly known as the Food Pyramid. Where to calculate your BMR.  Your BMR is the minimum number of calories your body requires to function normally.  Once you've calculated your BMR, use the Harris Benedict equation (see link on that page) to find your maintenance calories at your current weight and actvity level (don't use the 6 or 7 day/week equations unless you're training for an IronMan) recipe website Calorie tracking, articles Calorie tracking, support forum Calorie tracking, etc. Sparkpeople's recipe site, many user-added, include nutrition info Free support, not super active anymore, but good Magazine's website with great articles, recipes, and other tools free GPS tracker, connects to iPhone app runkeeper free GPS tracker (connects to iPhone apps mapmyrun, mapmyride, probably more)

I have some journals also that might be helpful:

Clean Eating

What's working for me

Weight loss tips

This is a growing list, so please let me know if you have any great resources I should add!

*Food list is coming!*

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