Sewing and Fashion Design Classes Men, women and children are welcome. I am a skilled, professional seamstress and Fashion Designer with 30 years of experience to share with you! I have a Masters degree in Fashion Design. I will teach you all phases of sewing skills, from beginner to advanced, all classes are private classes. each classes is designed according to each persons needs and level they want to achieve. The classes are in no way closely compared to any other. We strive on teaching you at the highest level possible.

I have worked for several companies as a Fashion Designer, such as Express, The Limited, Victoria Secret, The Dress Barn, Limited Two, Lane Bryant and Tommy Hilfiger. I have worked as a Freelance Designer for many Bridal Boutiques here in Ohio, New York, Virginia, Florida and California. I have Designed for Thick is a Plus and many more small Clothing Boutiques.

My classes are designed for all skill levels and interests, I am very talented, patient, and dedicated to the craft. Because of my experience you will gain tips that are not shared of offered by other teachers. You can work on learning how to do your own alterations at the same time. Not many or any other instructor will take the time. If at all, they will charge you a outrageous extra fee. I travel overseas once a year to go to Conferences to lean new techniques. I have met some of the greatest Fashion Designer in the world, regularly invited to the Fashion Shows and trade events. Join us for some social and creative time or dive in deep and get technical. It's pretty hard to learn how sew without elbow room. That's why we keep our classes private. You'll enjoy the intimate setting of a private class, plus more one-on-one time with your instructor. We offer several classes and add new ones regularly. So don't feel like you can not gain more knowledge.

INTRODUCTORY SEWING 1 (age 8+) Whether you're a first-time seamstress-in-the-making or a frequent dabbler looking to increase your knowledge and refine your sewing skills, this program is the perfect place to start. Introductory Sewing is our most technically focused, most comprehensive sewing course. And it's fun to boot! You'll learn the basics of sewing plus how to work with (and adjust!) a pattern. You'll build a solid sewing foundation (read: be able to sew anything after this!) We'll have you on your way to sewing much, much more. Course duration: Two hours once a week Prerequisite: None!

BEGINNER SEWING 2 (age 9+) Looking for that crucial step between beginner and intermediate classes? If you've taken our Introductory Sewing program and just aren't ready for one of our more challenging intermediate courses, then our Introductory Sewing 2 class is for you! Introductory Sewing 2 starts off with a helpful review of some of the pattern basics you've already learned: adjusting a pattern, fabric fundamentals (including putting your fabric on-grain), plus laying out, cutting, and marking your fabric. Once you've refreshed your memory, you'll then make a skirt, a pair of pants, a dress, or even a jacket. You'll walk away with added confidence in sewing, plus you'll improve your skills. So take your time learning, enjoy completing another project, and join us for our Introductory Sewing 2 course. Course duration: Two hours once a week Prerequisite:SEWING 1

FASHION RUNWAY WEEK (age 12+ ) Whether you're a budding fashionista curious about the fashion industry, or someone who enjoys crafts and everything DIY, then this camp is for you. You'll learn an amazing skill (sewing!) and you'll take your fashion-forward ideas from concept to paper to reality. Go through the design process just like a REAL fashion designer and learn from industry professionals! You'll learn how to be inspired by things around you as you come up with a concept for your garment and sketch your unique design. You'll then create a name for your clothing label and design your own logo and hang tag while learning how to sew the garment you've conceptualized. You'll learn how to style a garment into a complete outfit using accessories you already own, and you'll assemble everything you've done into a beautiful inspiration Course duration: Two hours once a week Prerequisite:SEWING 2

DESIGN STAR (age 16+ ) Let's get you on track to becoming a design star! The fashion industry is all about finding inspiration. Some designers rework styles from past decades. Take, for example, platform shoes, 80s revival, and Mad Men fever. Others look to iconic designers of the past to inspire their current collections. In this course, you will learn how to sew while looking to different decades and different designers for ideas. You'll design a dress that incorporates a style and a fashion designer's look from the past. And you'll work with both new fabrics and existing pieces to put together something unique. If you are wanting to learn how to start your own Fashion Line this is a great course for you. Course duration: Two hours once a week Prerequisite: FASHION RUNWAY

DESIGN STAR PRO (age 17+ ) Stresses a combination of design excellence and computer skills, preparing MFA candidates to launch themselves into the industry upon graduating. This rigorous program culminates in the production of a professional fashion collection or portfolio. The program requires collaboration on projects, readying individuals to work with colleagues in their future careers. Students are encouraged to experiment and develop their own ideas in order to achieve a balance between creativity and the reality of the marketplace. The curriculum focuses on subjects such as market analysis, trend analysis, visual research, design conceptualization, marketing and promotion, product development, line-plan production, computer technology for design, and production and professional portfolio presentation. Subsequent to intensive studio and academic courses, the graduate candidate is guided through directed study resulting in the Final Project -- production of a professional fashion collection, portfolio, or merchandising project. Student are to be part of the Academy's Upcoming Fashion Show. Course duration: Two hours once a week Prerequisite: DESIGN STAR

Classes are Monday thru Saturday (SUNDAY CLASSES are only available after 3:00 pm) Classes offered by Joni Fashion Boutique Call 614-304-1473 for more information.

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