Is hard for me to just accept being a stay at home mom, with my for kids and day in and day out just doing the same thing over and over... That's just not me, I know that there is something for my life and my family! Watching my husband wake up at 245 am and get out at 4 pm hurt me!! I didn't want him to be so tired and not want to do anything! He worked 2 Weeks straight with maybe 2 days a month off! Although we were getting a bigger pay checks it want worth not having day home, our at least not so tired! We wouldn't go top bday parties or be able to stay out late! I love him to much and my family to just see everyone so miserable! I had to do something! I knew with 2 parents working he wouldn't have to work so much! How can we if we had 3 small kids at home...
That was my inspiration! the only thing was what can I do if I'd don't know how to sew, or anything! Lol... We've tried having a day care, doing primerica, may Kay! We still couldn't achieve what we wanted!

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