Years ago I was told this story and was just amazed by it! My younger sister and I used to go down to the bamboo forest behind our house and explore, explore, explore! We used to pick bamboo shoots to take home for cooking and I remember I feet getting stuck in the ground, that was annoying but we just Loved it there. It was peaceful and serene and so beautiful to look up at the tallness of the bamboo trees!

Never did I ever think, at age 9 years, of how long it took for these bamboo trees to grow to such heights until I heard the Story Of The Chinese Bamboo.

How does this analogy apply to our WAHM business? We know that for many of us that have a network marketing business it takes an investment of time and money. After 2 weeks if we don't see results we get discouraged, some of us take longer to get discouraged but now I know, if I have a plan and I stick to it. If I cultivate, water, and nurture my business and create a solid foundation for growth than I know with faith and patience my business will grow like a Chinese Bamboo Tree shooting straight up at a fast pace growing exponentially at all sides!

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"When a farmer plants a moso, he can take care of it for an entire year—watering, weeding and fertilizing —and not see any signs of growth. He can continue pampering his moso for another year and still not see any growth. It can go on like this for up to FIVE YEARS, after which time the moso will finally burst through the soil and within six weeks become a towering 90-foot Chinese bamboo plant! That’s the height of a nine-story office building!

All those years when the farmer saw no growth above the ground, the moso was spreading its root system—miles of roots— getting  ready! And that’s the way many people are. They need lots of time to get ready!" This quote is taken from The Chinese Bamboo by © JOEL H. WELDON & ASSOCIATES, INC

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