Question: Look back within 5 years, is your last five years the same? Paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet?




Yes, but im fighting to make a change this year

yes but im comfortable the way i am!

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There will be a time when you think that youre just not getting anywhere in your business or that its too much to handle or that you are taking away time from the kids... Although at the time all that might be true to you, but it isnt impossible to get to where your goals and dreams are! You cant loose sight in what is most important, the goals you have set for your family and buisness! That is why it is good to have a mentour or a partner in this journey with you for the tough times and the times where you feel like giving up!

 A mentour or partner is there to lift you up at your down points, he/she brings in fresh eyes and new ideas. Its nearly impossible to do everything on your own with the business and at home! Even though if you are like me i want to do everything myself because i know it will get done right and with all the love and pride id put into my work! You have to have faith and find that right person to help you out or you will get stressed and things will fall apart. 

My partner is my husband. Although i had to fire him from a couple of things lol he has helped me with a lot of things especially when im feeling down... Hes there to lift my spirits and give me that motivation i really needed!! Its not all on him either my partner aka my hubby has his downs also so i remind him of what really is most important which is a different better life for our little family! 

The more you want something, wish for something, crave it, think about everyday and just thrive to get it and not let anything or anybody get in our way thats when what you want the most will come true!! Its not easy, at first you will be motivated and you will get sales and make that money but than there will be a dry spell and thats when most just give up! Right there at your lowest is the time you have to say No i will not let this get in my way or change my mind! Thats when you push fwd, becaus right than is the test to see if you really do want this! Do you want your life to change forever? Do you want to look back in the last 5 years and see nothing has changed? or that you tried but gave up? We have tried in many things and finally we got tired of giving up and never getting anywhere! We were determined that our kids wont have the same fate as generations before us!

We all have dreams and goals and its a fight to get to those goals and dreams! Thats a fight worth fighting because so much is at stake! We only live once and not that many years because it takes years to accomplish the life you want, Thats why sitting around and wondering how it would be, or sitting around and thinking if only will never get you anywhere instead it will only get you another day further away from what you want!!

So its not Easy, but its  not Impossible! You have to fight and not give up no matter how low you come in your business!! Find that person or persons in your life that you will do anything or fight off anything for and keep them in mind always and remember if you quit, guess who you are quitting on?

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