Question: Would you be interested in a company if you could lower your cell phone bill to $0 and get paid?




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Great advice from a single mom in business who puts God first in her life. I Love it. My children and I have a business where we collect sea glass and shells and create beautiful jewelry to sell at our local swap meet here at UHMaui Campus. There are soooo many more vendors selling sea glass and shell jewelry. Some say they collect the sea glass and shells on Maui when they don't it's really faux sea glass so they're able to sell it cheap, or some say they collect the shells here on Maui when you can tell by the shininess that it's from the PI so it's really hard sometimes but when I put God first I see they have children they need to feed too. We all do! So putting God first is the best thing for me EVER!

This is a video by Sandi Krawkowski. You are going to see that she's one of my favorite coaches because I'm going to share a lot from her! :)))

Hope you like it! http://solavei.com/yocrisostomo

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Jan. 30, 2013 at 12:24 PM

I Love her unique style and approach and she speaks enormously well! Can't wait until shel comes to Maui :)))  you rock

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