Learning to Love Yourself in a Balanced Way 

Some people will do all kinds of things for everybody else, but they won't do anything for themselves.  And there's something wrong with that . They have an unbalanced attitude toward themselves and they don't really feel like they're worth anything.

  We can have negative feelings about ourselves for a lot of different  reasons.  Maybe you grew up in a home where your parents would never buy you anything or they put you down.  Maybe you were abused and you thought it was your fault.

  God's love is the best medicine for the wounded soul.  For those of you who have been abused or mistreated in life, God loves you.  You may not understand why bad things happened to you, but God will cause all things- even bat things- to work our for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (see Romans 8:28). 

  It's vitally important that you learn to love who you are and do goo things for yourself, because you deserve to feel special.  You need that to be healthy, well rounded human being.

  Another part of becoming a well-rounded soul is learning how to receive correction from God.

  Revelations 3:19 says, Those whom I [I discipline and instruct them].  So be enthusiastic and in earnest and burning with zeal and repent [changing your mind and attitude].

  How many times when God tells us what's wrong with us do we shrink from Him instead of run to Him?

  Somehow we have this mistaken idea that God's mad at us.  But really, what He's saying when He corrects us is that He loves us and He won't ever leave us alone.

  For some of us, it takes a long tine to understand that.  But by revelation, we can really begin wounded and hurt, we can actually offer God thanks for His faithful correction.~Joyce Meyer found in her magazine Enjoying Everyday Life February Edition.

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