So I went to the doctor on Tuesday this week for one thing, as I was sitting waited to be seated I was called back to the room and told that my urine test had come back. I did not expect what was coming next. The doc says I am pregnant. I am shocked, I have been taking the same birth control pill for years and have never had this happen. I take my pill at the same time every day and never miss. How could this be? She tells me that we could look at the fact that I have lost and excessive amount of weight in the last few months doing crossfit and the weight loss can cause heightened fertility go figure. I don't know if that is the case. I guess I am that 1% that could get preggo on the pill. This is a message to all women that it can happen so be careful. My next concern was for the baby because I have been taking my pill all month while pregnant. I had no idea I was prego, I have not had any symptoms, this is a total shock and definitely not planned. However I now believe that this is a miricale because this is not something that happens everyday and this baby is special. I already love him or her. Maybe we will have our girl this time around. We already have three boys ages 2,4 and 6 years old. But if it's a boy we will be just as happy. I just hope the baby will be alright and the pregnancy goes smoothly.

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