Looking for  offline friend's  in michigan  Se East side, Were a first  monogamous  couple . We have one  kid seven year old   Were open minded friendly, good hearted friendy nonsmoking , nondrinking , non drug using not much of a gambling couple. I  am only with, people of any age  just ap lus if you have, kids or  a couple and even more of a plus if your age. 

I am in my forties , Spiritual paganish,  I like ot call myself a spiritual explorer,  Intergity, moral,  good hearted , loyal, intense,  good  mother, resoucreful, creative ,abstract, and funny. 

Into Paranormal, cultures, learning,  good convo's ,  learning  anddoiing new thing's  famiy,  travel, nature, gardening, amusement parks, cultral events , writing, reading  and watching movies .

Hubby into , Travel, collecting, antiques, family nature  car stuff, builiding stuff, fixing stuff, cins, and  meeting new people.  Flea Markets.

Son pretty much into  boy stuff tat all kinds his age our into. He does love Paranormal like mommy, and cars live daddy and traveling he so easyot get along with, while traveling and   very friendly good kid.

We love ot meet some new people since all our firends have no kids.

Everybody we knows moved down south.  We can not move down thier just yet.

Hope ot hear form you soon maybe we coud meet at a Zoo or A park or the mall safe zone?



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