Discount plans are nationwide and becoming well known in the medical and dental field.  Many people love the fact that they pay only a small monthly fee to maintain a membership,  compared to  the large premiums that traditional insurance companies demand.  Everyone is accepted, regardless of health,  and with the exception of a three day grace period to utilize the hospital services, there is no waiting involved.  Sign today; use tomorrow.

Discount plans are easy to use and many companies will contract with an outside facility to offer higher discounts.  You simply locate a provider within your network, make an appointment, show your membership card, then pay the discounted fee to the provider at the time of service.  There are no co-pays, no deductibles and no limits. 

 Provider fees can have significant discounts when you use a discount card.  For example, Ameriplan, located just outside of Dallas, TX has outstanding dental discounts, as well as medical.  A simple cleaning is reduced up to 80%, X-rays up to 65%, and fillings by up to 70%.  Cosmetic surgery is also included, and braces which are not covered by many insurance companies, are reduced up to 56%.  A significant savings when you look at the cost of braces.

Discount plans work for a variety of consumers, including people who are cannot get insurance due to pre-existing conditions, families who do not want to pay the high cost of insurance but need some form of coverage, people with high deductibles who often use discount cards in conjunction with insurance, and people who elect not to take on cobra after leaving a job. Many families have health insurance but no dental. 

As Obamacare comes into effect, employers may end up dropping dental coverage as it is not required.  This leaves individuals with the option of paying full price for dental insurance, or decline, and pay full price for procedures.  Discount plans put care back in the hands of the consumer. You decide when, you decide who, you decide where.  Are you ready to take control of your health?

To see plans and locate providers in your area, go to or call 866-275-0928.



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