So it's been a while since we found out that we were expecting our Fourth surprisingly. I am venting a little because I know it's not just raging hormones or my emotional side. So for a while now family ( my mom, Dad, brother, mother in law) have been calling me every day talking baby stuff and how exciting that we may get our girl finally (we have three boys), each of them talked about what kind of clothes and things to get for a girl and how we should decorate the room for a little girl and that if we get a girl, everyone of them was going to spoil her rotten. So the day finally came on July  15,2013, we had our 20 week ultrasound and got to see our little special baby. We found out that we are having a boy, baby boy number four. Of course for me I was delighted to hear that he was alright and that everything looked normal on the ultrasound, I have had anxiety that something was wrong. We are wanting to name him Dylan Matthew Leflar. So when we came home my mother in law and sister in law were waiting with the other boys for the news. We told them it was a boy, my Sister in law jumped for joy in excitement of a new little baby in the family and loves the name. My mother in law just sat there staring, then she says "well shoot" another boy, looks at my and says " the leflar boys just cannot create little girls". Then when we told her the name she looked disgusted. So then she starts in on the baby room, she says " now what are you going to do for the baby room, I told her what I was thinking for a boy and she was just not interested. She got up and said says well I am out of here I have stuff to do, and say so you are sticking with that name huh? as my husband says yest we are. She just left. I have not heard from her in a week now. I texted and my dad and mom about the news, and not one response back like congrats or anything, the calls have stopped and the emails have stopped, I haven't heard anything from any of them since last Monday. I thought well I am being hormonal but my Sister in law who is usually very quiet and calm said she notice the mother in laws demeanor change and thought it was tacky for her to show how disappointed she was and just leave, as for the rest of the family I know i have support from my sister and sister in law, they are so awesome. I just wish the grandparents weren't so rude.

It is also hard on me because before we found out we were pregnant again, it had been several months since we heard from any of the grandparents, they are not involved in our life that much anyway. So when they acted interested when we found out and started calling everyday, it felt nice to have some support. Now that we are having a boy they have stopped calling. Anyway this is just a vent, I had to get out.

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